What being a Google Partner means

‘Google Partners’ is a specialised platform for digital marketing professionals, online consultants and advertising agencies. Geek Central, as a Google Certified Partner, has access to specialist training, study materials and exams, industry research, events and Google AdWords product updates.


As a Google Partner:

• We manage a minimum £6,500 ad spend every 90 days
• We consistently meet and exceed Google’s strict standards to maintain our partner status
• We have team members that are Google certified
• We deliver quality customer service and experiences
• We offer a distinct competitive advantage to our clients

The advantages in engaging a Google Partner to manage your digital marketing:


• A Google Partner must have team members that retain current Google AdWords certifications managing client accounts. This means that you get a highly qualified professional that employs Google’s customer care best practices working on your account.

• A Google Partner must be experienced and well-versed in all aspects of Google AdWords and use this platform to earn the best profits for their clients. This means that you have an account manager working with your bottom line in mind and someone experience in handling aspects such as site links inside ads, ad extensions, the use of negative keywords, phrase match keywords, ad scheduling and split testing.

• A Google Partner will have their accounts reviewed by Google to ensure that they are providing the very best service, are reaching conversion rates, are retaining clients, and are achieving improved quality scores. This means that often you are receiving a lower cost per click and a higher ROI (Return on Investment). This Google review and higher quality score ensures the your Google Partner is maximising the benefits of your campaign by leveraging ads, keywords and landing pages to bring in the right target market.

• A Google Partner will have access to Google’s beta features. This means that your agency will be able to test new applications and features up to twelve months before the general public. Essentially, you will be ahead of the game.

• A Google Partner (depending on their ad spend) can have access to their own Google representation. This means if an issue occurs then there’s no waiting in line, no waiting to hit certain time zones – the Google rep can be contacted at any time and action resolutions.

• A Google Partner is required to demonstrate that they are actively undertaking spilt testing on ads in order to attract the largest volume of customers to your site. This means that Google will check for multiple ads for each campaign group to ensure the se of different messaging and keywords. This encourages ongoing experimentation by targeting various demographics within the target market.

As a qualified Google Partner, Geek Central have demonstrated all of the above and you can therefore feel confident that your paid marketing campaigns are in safe, experienced hands, ensuring the maximum return on your advertising investment.